This song is absolutely my road trip anthem. You know when you hear a song and it just takes you on these wild flights of fancy and enriches all the memories you’re fond of by filling your head with fiction that makes no sense but you feel happier for thinking it? Okay, that might be a stretch, but that’s what this song does for me. I’ve always been a horn guy. I love music that fills their sound with as much depth as possible and I think the timbre of brass instruments (and saxophones) really add a deep complexity to music that electronic tunes just can’t match. I especially love New Orleans jazz, and if you don’t have a good grasp on what that is, I recommend you sit down with your feet flat on the floor and have a serious listen to Hot 8 Brass Band’s “Sexual Healing” (the long version, it’s only 9 minutes, don’t a wuss), then watch the movie Chef. Your life will be better for having done both.

Anyways, when I hear Wrestlevania, I imagine going back to my high school for a homecoming game and playing with this massive band filled with alumni and current students all in a synchronous beat with moderately suggestive dance moves while the entire audience is awestruck at our confidence and skill, and particularly my ability to play saxophone solos while running up and down the field frantically. The show starts all dramatic with the announcer comes on the horn and says something like “And now, please enjoy a surprise performance by the marching band and alumi” and all the alumni appear in the back of the stands grooving back and forth down the stairs and in between fans, filling one side of the dome with sound and good vibes.

Then when the horn section really kicks in the entire marching band of current students appear out onto the field and every player runs out to the field just filling the stadium with horns and bodies and music and an overindulgence of brass. We march around the field to change shape and show our pride for our team and all that jazz, we jump and groove based on the portion of the song we are playing. During the sections where the trumpets erupt into loud, tension-inducing, half-notes every single member of the band kicks into high stepping while waving their instrument back and forth along with the beat of the trumpets. Ultimately, it would be a lot of running around and a lot of energy that guarantees a stadium filled with prideful fans would be up on their feet or at the very least bobbing their heads to something completely different than what their used to.

Right around 3 minutes the song really erupts into more than just a toe-tapping beat, it’s a full-on party of a song that gives you no other option but to move your feet, clap your hands, pound the steering wheel, smile, and move.